The Dover English Country Dancers

Come and join us in one of the most popular social activities of colonial America.

The style of dance was brought by the colonists from England where it was known as "country dance".
We now call it "English Country Dance" and include people of all ages, couples and singles, who enjoy music and dance in a spirit of fun and friendship.
Newcomers are always welcome, and each dance is taught with a "walk-through" before it is danced. Dress is casual except for "balls" when many of us dress in eighteenth century attire.
Special guest callers and bands are used several times a year. Monthly dance music is provided by CDs or our own in-house band.

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Dear dancing members and friends,

Alex passed away on Saturday January 23rd He had come to Dover with General foods in 1963.
We arrived here in '64.
Starting in '65 Alex and I joined two music groups playing violins.
In 1968, with the prodding of a local journalist Alex and I founded the Dover Symphony Orchestra.
For many years he was concertmaster.
The Apostolina's and Mroz's went to Pinewoods CDSS dance and music week. (Pinewoods, MA)
Having danced there for several years, the two couples decided to try dancing once a month and so the
Dover English Country Dancers were born. (1979)

Ever since Alex had been providing music and also calling for our dances. Ten years ago, after Edith's passing,
Alex took over the dance classes at the Academy of Life Long Learning in Lewes.
Since last summer, he had help from Carol West, but also from some of our "locals"
(Jackie McCabe, Mike Apgar and Tom Whittendale)
After we lost three members of the Dover Early Music Consort, we kept on playing every Monday night,
joined by Marty, Kathy and Lola.
Shortly after his 90th birthday, which our music group celebrated with a dinner for him, Alex had a hip replacement.
We will miss him.

~ Winnfried Mroz

The "Dover English Country Dancers" was formed in 1979 by Winfried and Edith Mroz and Alex and Rosemary Apostolina.

Schedule of Events

7:00 pm Beginner Introduction
7:30 pm Dance Commences


Times and locations subject to change
Click here for map & directions to Ehinger Hall

Special Announcements


The Annapolis
Traditional Dance Society

English Country Dances
for 2016

Jan. 23rd
April 30th
July 30th
Oct. 29th

Look below for a link
to their site for more


February 13 ...........Valentine Themed Dance with guest caller George Tolton

Admission $10 Students Free

March 12...........Monthly Dance

Admission $5 Students Free

April 9...........Spring Assmebly

Tom Spillsbury will be our caller
with music provided by the band English Echos.

The Dances to enjoy:

The Geud Man of Ballangigh ~ The Drummer ~ Waters of Holland
Sally in our Alley ~ Bury Fair ~ Dr. Vincent's Delight
Mignonette ~ Slaughter House ~ Old Wife Behind the Fire
Scotch Cap ~ True Kit ~ The Hole in the Wall ~ Jack's Maggot
Tythe Pig ~ Braes of Dornoch ~ Rafe's Waltz ~ Yellow Stockings

Click here to download Dance Instructions!

Admission $15 Students FREE

May 14..............Monthly Dance

Admission $5 Students Free


"...adds to the accomplishment of Behaviour and Carriage
and Qualifies a person for Polite company."

Nicholas Ridgely 1750's Dover, Delaware

"Dancing is, of all the fine arts, that which seems peculiarly devoted to cheerfulness and joy.
It is the lively expression of these emotions by gestures and attitudes. It seems to have nothing but pleasure in view,
yet like music, its sweet accompaniment, it tends to refine the manners; and to give health, activity, and vigor,
as well as graceful ease and elegance to the human frame."

T. Hillgrove, Teacher of Dancing 1866

How to Contact Us

If you have any specific questions you may telephone the officers listed or e-mail us

Name Telephone number E-mail
President Karen Smith 410.778.0335
Vice President Mike McCabe 302-697-7858
Music Master Alex Apostolina 302-697-6151
Dance Mistress Ieva Ersts 410-778-5120

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Events we have had the pleasure to be a part of

Some of those attending our 2015 Spring Ball in Dover, De.

Pemberton Plantation - Salisbury, MD

Paca House - Annapolis, MD

George Washington Ball - Williamsburg, VA

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